WELCOME TO THE COVER UP CLUB Hello. I’m Thomas. Welcome to my site. I’m a filmmaker with a design / motion graphics background that specializes in creating marketing materials for entertainment projects in pre and post production. While most of my work these days includes creating pitch decks, designing movie posters, cutting trailers, and producing in-show graphics for various reality tv programs I am also an accomplished director & animator that has worked on some amazing projects. My goal is to one day be a showrunner on my own animated series but until then I am quite happy helping others push their projects to their fullest potential. When I’m not working, playing backgammon with the wife, or staring at the ceiling with the cat, you can catch me in the backyard listening to some Nina Simone and painting.

If you'd like to check out my personal projects you can do so at akillerwombat.com

Random fact: One time I tripped over my dog and broke my thumb.
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TWO PENNIES TWO PENNIES is a half hour dark comedy I created about two demon hunters in purgatory as they, and their co-workers, work to prevent the destruction of heaven and earth. I’ve spent the better part of the last 5 years developing this project (the concept, script, and animation style) and I am incredibly excited with it. If you have any interest in reading the script, the show bible, or want to chat about how you can help bring it to life please let me know.

Watch the animation test here.
SPACE ASSETS V001 What do you do when a project gets killed halfway through? You turn it into an asset pack! I am currently putting the final touches on this project and I think it is going to open some really fun doors for me to connect with fellow creatives. When all is done there will be around 40 - 50 unique assets for people to drag and drop into their projects.

Check out a teaser for the asset pack here.
Interested in working with me? Hit me up bailey@thecoverup.club