I'm just launched my FOR FIVE DOLLARS art project. Check it out here.
WELCOME TO THE COVER UP CLUB Hello. I’m Thomas. Welcome to my site. I’m a director living in Los Angeles (woah, a director in Los Angeles?! I’ve never heard of such a thing.). When I’m not directing I’m writing, developing, animating, and doing a slew of post work for people all over town. In my free time I’m hanging out with my wife and our nineteen year old cat. Below is a bunch of projects that I've worked on in one way or another; some directing, some post work, some vfx, some everything.

Random fact: Clean is a relative term.
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Adult Swim
  • Comedy Central
  • LA Clippers
  • Science Channel
  • Focus Features
  • and more!
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email: bailey@thecoverup.club
phome: 858.997.3852
instagram: @akillerwombat

The Heist
Short Film
Oliver Tree
Music Video
Smiling Friends
Fall Out Boy
Music video
Skiing Song
music video
LA Clippers
Eden Park
music video
Ghost in my Bed
Music video
Untold : Flagrant Foul
The Violent Heart
movie trailer
Watsky Exquisite Corpse
music video
Knife Fight
short film
^ This is a glimpse of my design style. I like to think of it as punk rock meets art gallery. My background is actually illustration / design and I help a whole bunch of studios make pitch decks and marketing materials but I want this site to represent me as a filmmaker first so I chose not to show much here but I couldn't not show it because I'm super proud of it. I'm a strong designer.
And lastly, I just launched an art project called the FOR FIVE DOLLAR ART PROJECT where for only $5, I'll draw you an original piece of art and send it to you. I draw whatever I want, I ship it whenever I want (it's usually within a few days), and you get to open a piece of mail with an unseen piece of art made just for you in it.

You can learn more about it here.
Interested in working with me? Hit me up bailey@thecoverup.club